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Smile Genius

Advance your dental practice and serve your patients from the comfort of their homes by offering convenient and affordable treatment plans

Smile Genius will help you scale your remote patient care program with its intuitive and customisable tool kit, to help you increase your treatment volume and meet patients' smile goals

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Be digitally prepared for your patients' growing needs

Are you bearing the high costs of clear-aligner treatments?

Are your patients reluctant to come to you for their routine dental care as it involves multiple in-person visits

Smile Genius Dental is an all-purpose dentistry app that allows dentists to offer a host of services, connect with world-class labs and build lasting relationships with patients through a single source of truth to facilitate on-demand dental care in real-time. We understand that your challenges could differ from those of your peers. Hence, we would love to customise your 'Smile genius' experience based on your specific business requirements. 

Get your dental workflow together

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“Ever since I switched to Smile genius, I don't have 7 tabs open just to do one case.

Everything is so nicely integrated and in one place, my treatment time is much faster and I'm far more organized with my patients.” 


—  Mark Shepherd, Dr.
Love to Smile

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